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How To Get Started

Buy and sell Jamii Koin in three simple steps.

Sign up for Jamii Koin

Create an account by clicking the "Get Started" button below then click register onthe login page.This only take a minute or less.

Buying Jamii Koin

Simply click the buy button in your account and enter the number of coins you want to own. Hold your Koins and Sell at any time

Selling Jamii Koin

Keep watch of the Coin Price. Jamiikoin market price allows you to sell your coins at a price of your choice.
Tip: You can sell below the current marketprice and still take away significant profit.

Supported currencies

Buy and sell Jamii Koin using the other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin 43.1 PH/s
Ethereum Classic 20.0 GH/s
Ethereum 120.1 GH/s
Startcoin 28.6 kH/s
Litecoin 2.7 GH/s
Monero 44.6 MH/s
Vertcoin 1.6 MH/s
Infinitecoin 184.1 kH/s
Salus 6.2 MH/s
PrimeCoin 12.1 MH/s
Dash 198.8 kH/s
Shadow 13.5 MH/s

Popular currencies

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